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The Best Choir In Bristol – TRY US, We’re Nice

The Gurt Lush Choir has been making a splendid noise since 2009, and is known as Bristol’s favourite choir (among us anyway). You’ve a choice of three different branches (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) across Bristol, or you can come to all of them – it won’t cost you any extra.

If you think you can’t sing, don’t worry, you probably can. In any case there’s no audition so you’re in! You get a free taster session to see if you like us and your membership includes access to full resources to help you master the songs, including audio recordings of all voice parts and manuscripts.

Lend us your ears
Sam Burns - Founder and Conductor of 2 Bristol Choirs
Hark at ‘ee

Choir Leader Sam

Sam Burns is the maestro of Gurt Lush Choir. Bristol born and bred, when he’s not coaching the choir to sing in perfect harmony, he’s scouring the globe for beautiful songs choirs can sing and arranging them so they can.

Join Sam and the rest of us at your choice of venue:

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singing our praises

“My wife suggested I join a choir as a way to chill out. I used to sing in church and in a band but never a choir. Most of the Bristol choirs I looked at were either a bit too professional or seemed to just sing rock and pop. Gurt Lush is somewhere in the middle – the people sing well and are incredibly welcoming and because Sam sometimes works us hard, we’re world beaters on our day. I spent quite a lot of the time at the first few rehearsals quietly crying at the beauty of it all, and that somehow I was lucky enough to be part of it.”


Member since 2020

“I really wanted to join a Bristol choir but didn’t have the confidence to audition. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. A month in when I was just about getting the hang of it Sam suggested that new people could perform in the concert if we wanted. I thought there was no way I was ready for it but I did it and it was such a buzz! I never looked back.”


Member since 2011

“I had been wanting to join a choir for a while, so when a friend suggested Gurt Lush I jumped at the chance. The first rehearsal blew my mind! The sound everyone was making was just incredible, I was totally smitten. We have done such a wide range of fun things, from singing in tunnels (!) to large-scale concerts with other choirs and I have loved every minute of it. Singing is just so therapeutic and it has definitely helped me through some tough times. I’ve also made the most amazing friends and am delighted we are up and running again now after the pandemic. If in doubt, try us out!”


Member since 2015

“As a kid, I loved the idea of singing, but never felt confident about my voice or finding the right opportunity. Going to church and singing in school assemblies were hardly inspiring moments, hymns always felt pitched in a place I couldn’t ‘comfortably’ get to and I was never cool enough to be in a band.

It took to being encouraged by a couple of mates that, as a 40+ year old dad, I was more than capable of singing in a community choir and experiencing the thrill of performance that they did. I listened to their advice and 12 years later I couldn’t be happier that I joined the Lush and jumped in the deep end.

Fast moving and fun, I love the eclectic repertoire, I love the vocal challenges, I love the camaraderie. I really love the moments when we get it sublimely right and Sam gets emotional (he’s not the only one). It’s the best thing ever for mind, body and soul.


Member since 2010