WE’ve Built 2 Schools and Feed 300 Kids Every Day

Gurt Lush Feed the Kids!

How you can help

The easiest way to help is to donate here using the Just Giving Page – If you can afford to give monthly, that really helps in the long term.

As a choir member you can help by singing in our occasional fund raising concerts and busking, if you’re not a choir member you can help by coming along, having good old listen and donating in one of the buckets being shaken in your general direction. Check the events page for details of forthcoming concerts.

How it started

In 2017, Gurt Lush Choir and Bristol Man Chorus held our first concert to raise funds for Educate for Grace, set up by choir member Judy Atkinson to establish schools and facilities for children living in extreme poverty in Uganda.

That fundraiser helped build a school in Masindi and pay for a teacher. Our second gig launched the GURT LUSH BREAKFAST PROGRAMME 1 at another school, Mwisi Primary, Kabale, where children were too weak and hungry to learn. It had a huge impact – every term, £450 was feeding 300 children a mug of porridge every day.

How it’s going

We went on to raise £7,400 to build and equip the Virunga Masif community school 200 miles away, for children of the Batwa pygmy community who had become marginalised and destitute after being evicted from their forest homelands when the government set up Mahinga Gorilla National park. The project also helped the community build a water tank and grow potatoes so they don’t always have to beg.

But the pandemic has hit the schools and communities hard. Thanks to monthly donations from choir members, funds for soap and food have been sent to the Batwa Pygmy families suffering during lockdown. But we have not been able to sing together and raise funds since 2019. These children and their families urgently need our support.